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Cause trying to wade through pages of a tag can get annoying. (not that I have that much yet, but once I do, there's no way I'll be able to commit to this sort of thing)

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So, in the Nanowrimo chatroom the other day, this guy called Alan came in. He just came in, swearing and ranting about the mod on the forums. We weren't even sure he was from our region (he is). We vowed to all kill him in our novels. Here is my excerpt of that. It was written during a couple of word wars, so some parts are probably repetitive and unnecessarily wordy. It involves Emma (my OC daughter of Donna and the Doctor who is currently suffering amnesia) and the Doctor. This is one of her flashbacks of memory during a near-death experience.

WARNING: There is a lot of foul language, that I didn't really feel comfortable writing, but for characterization's sake, there it is.

No real Haegre Trulls were harmed in the making of this scene. )
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Title: Hello Lady
Author: grlgoddess
Characters: Doctor, Donna, lil!Donna
Rating: PG
Word Count: 410

Summary: The Doctor confronts what's lurking in the warehouse.

Disclaimer: Don't own

AN/Warnings: I am sooo sorry it's taken this long. I think I'm putting off updating this because it's so close to being finished, and I don't think I've ever finished something like this before.

As an aside, in part of my NaNoWriMo this year, I started a side Twitter: @JustEmma09 about a girl who travels with the Doctor and Donna in the future. But hates it. (The same Emma from my ficverse)

A Round Machine Thing     lil!Donna masterlist     One Hundred Percent Donna

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Title: Days that Last Forever
Author: grlgoddess
Characters: Doctor, Donna
Rating: PG
Word Count:773

Summary: A few days in the Doctor's life and Donna's that seemed to take far longer than the rest.

Disclaimer: If I owned it, do you think I would be posting here? (actually, I probably would, but that's beside the point as it is pure speculation as Doctor Who belongs to the BBC. For now.)

AN/Warnings: For "The Doctor and Donna Midsummer Madness Fic Festival" at [ profile] doctor_donna. Prompt was "The Longest Day"

part of my fic-verse. (and, in fact, contains parts that I haven't got near to writing just yet, but I'm posting it all the same.)

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Title: Once in a Purple Moon
Author: grlgoddess
Characters: Doctor/Donna
Rating: PG
Word Count: 241

Disclaimer: Actually, I do own it. In mah head :D

AN/Warnings: Takes place in between 'Midnight' and 'Turn Left'

works alone, but a sequel to Just a Necklace and Something Different

part of my fic-verse

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Title: Something Different
Author: grlgoddess
Characters: Doctor/Donna
Rating: PG
Word Count: 114
Disclaimer: Soo don't. Maybe once my diabolical plan to take over the universe comes into effect....
Spoilers up till 'Midnight'
2nd Response to Weekly Drabble Challenge #9 at [ profile] doctor_donna (what can I say? I'm on a bit of a roll.)
Sequel/Counterpart to Just a Necklace, but works fine on its own.
Also, part of a fic-verse that I hope to get done, just to get rid of the plot bunnies that WON'T LET ME SLEEP! Ahem. Sorry bout that.

The way he had held her... )

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Title: Just a Necklace
Author: grlgoddess
Word Count: 167
Rating: PG
Prompt: green
Disclaimer: Don't own. Not even close.
Written for weekly drabble challenge #9 at [ profile] doctor_donna
My first kinda shippy fic ever. Oh, and less crack than I usually come up with.

Ficverse masterlist

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(until posts are titled, all lead to 'Just a Necklace')

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