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A month ago, I had a dream. In this dream, I was in a hotel connected to a Chapters. I went into the Chapters, and they didn't have DWM yet. The next day, when I went to Chapters to see if they had DWM, they did not.

Last night, I had a dream where I went to Chapters, and there were rows of DWM, at least one stack for each cover (yeah, we just got the "Marked for DEATH?" issue). Today, I go to Chapters, and they had DWM! (After much deliberation, I got the Amy cover.) CLEARLY I HAVE DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE RELATED PSYCHIC POWERS.

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*No major spoilers*


Also, I've changed some of my icons! Such a rare event, but I suspect I'll add more before S6 is over.
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Today I had an epic all caps convo on Twitter, in which I learned that polygamy solves everything. (Though River is still mine [ profile] aethre!!)

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Well, that's one class done for the year. It's sad because improv was an amazing class. During our final project, there was one scene where there was a cat, and the little girl asked "Mommy, is it dead?" And the mother said, "No, sweetie, it's just sleeping." "But it's eyes are open and it's looking right at me." "It's magic." "Like in Harry Potter?" "Yes. Remember when Dumbledore fell off the tower and went to sleep? It's like that."

Plus, a guy pretending to be Marilyn Monroe (no mention of marriage to the Doctor), and another guy pretending to be a Playboy Bunny.

Seriously. Awesome people.

In other news, I have two essays due on Friday that I haven't started because OH GOD MOFFAT WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?!?!? SOMEONE ANSWER THE QUESTION ON THE COVER OF DWM ALREADY!
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Title: One Hundred Percent Donna
Author: grlgoddess
Characters: Ten, Donna, lil!Donna
Rating: PG
Word Count: 845

Summary: With multiple time-displaced Donnas trapped with the mysterious Lady, the Doctor has less than no time to try and save them from being destroyed to power the Blinovitch Maximiser.

Disclaimer: Don't own

AN/Warnings: Wow. Okay. This has been a long time in the making. Really, almost a year and a half. For anyone new to this story/wanting a refresher, there's a link to the masterlist, and all the parts are linked to the ones before and after it.

Hello Lady     lil!Donna masterlist

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So I was on the bus, sitting near the back, reading a magazine with my headphones in. I was the only one there. Then, this guy came on and sat right by me. He was mentally disabled, so my tactic of looking completely absorbed in what I was doing wasn't exactly completely effective. He brought out his stuffed toy duck, who was wrapped in a blanket, and told me that she was in a car accident with him, and the hospital had wrapped her in a blanket and put a neck brace on her, and that the neck brace they put on him in the ambulance had had duckies on it. I did my best to be polite, and pet Gracie when he asked me too, but when we got off at the same stop, I walked away a bit quicker than usual. I have enough trouble ending conversations with people who can pick up on social cues, and I really didn't want to push Gracie around in a cart.

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Seriously, I love this school for one thing. Yesterday, I forgot my wallet in the main eating area for nearly 2 hours, and when I came back to look for it, it was still on the table. I could not have handled going through everything I would have had to in order to get everything back/cancelled/whatever.

In conclusion, here's a Dalek with a bowtie.

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You've probably heard about the earthquake/tsunami stuff going on in Japan (the Internet sure does spread that kind of news quickly). All day my twitter stream has been 90% about Japan. The damage is insane. I'm glad my midterm today was so easy, because half my mind was still focused on Japan.

A little while ago, I donated to ShelterBox as a part of Maureen Johnson's #lastlittleshelterbox campaign. She's started another campaign that you can find more about here. There are a lot of good organisations around that are worth looking at as well.

I just hope everything doesn't turn out totally terrible, and if you know anyone in Japan, I hope they're alright.

ETA: And this is why Twitter beats Facebook. Twitter is awash with concern and ways to help, Facebook is the usual self-centered junk. LJ is nicely in between.

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This is one of my favourite parts of the fandom year.

It's kind of stressful. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO CHOOSE ONE CHARACTER FROM ALL OF OLD WHO NEW WHO TORCHWOOD AND SARAH JANE? Although, I am happy that currently, 11 is just ahead of 10, who is just ahead of Donna. And Romana I has one more vote than Romana II. BUT NO ONE HAS VOTED FOR HARRY! Poor old chap.
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Huh. I guess my week off is technically over. :( And I had to wear pants every day! Normally during a week off, and what I had hoped for this week was to just chill out, watch TV, think about doing my readings and catching up in class, and basically do nothing. But I worked Monday, and Tuesday I went to Chapters to check for DWM, Wednesday was my sister's birthday, and she stayed and went home Thursday, and I work today and tomorrow. Plus, all week there's been a guy in our apartment putting wood floor in the entryway. It doesn't help that all semester, I've actually been hanging out with people (almost every day, really). While it's been fun, I just need a week to hermit up in my room and not speak for a couple of days. And I didn't get that. I shouldn't be too worried, socialising isn't a terrible thing, it's just that for the past two years (as long as I've been in university), near the middle/end of the year, I get some sort of breakdown. Last year was worse than the year before, and I'm scared that trend will continue. Idk, I'll just veg out on Sunday and hope it's enough.
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Nicholas Courtney passed away today. Sadfaces around the world. RIP Brig. :(
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Title: The First and The Last
Author: grlgoddess
Characters: River Song, Ten, Unknown Doctor
Rating: PG
Word Count: 100 and 100
Summary: Two proper drabbles. The first and last time River met the Doctor.
Disclaimer/AN/Warnings: Don't own Doctor Who. This is what happens during English class.

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Oh man, dreams can be so awesome sometimes. I've had dreams that incorporated fandomy things before, but I don't recall ever becoming a character before. It was interesting. It started off at this big gym place, all out of nice wood with bleachers and everything. There was some sort of air band/karaoke/dance-off thing going on. Sarah Stubbe was going to be part of a band thing, and I was going to sing. Most people were cosplaying as Amy or Rory. Sarah was as FaS/ToA Amy, and I was dressed as Utah!Amy, but my shirt was light blue instead of red, and my hair - ginger - was done in braids, the same as Phoebe in Charmed 2x01, which I had watched last night. I was worried about having to sing, but Sarah was reassuring me, and then, for some reason, I went and crashed this dance routine that was going on. It was a group led by Nicole McKim, and they were all dressed in black, performing some kind of ballet-esque dance. I wove around them, and wasn't really in the way, but Nicole seemed pissed. When it was over, I went back to Sarah, embarrassed, not for myself, but that Nicole didn't work around me properly. She said that it was hilarious, everyone thought so. Then there must have been some sort of transition, I think that the shelves from a sporting goods store kind of descended from above. An announcer was talking about their leather shorts on sale. Sometime in this, I became Amy. Confused about the leather shorts, I assumed it meant spandex shorts. I must have said something to that effect, probably to Rory, cause then the Doctor started rambling about the transition to wearing leather shorts in basketball, and how much of an improvement it was. Naturally, I/Amy tuned out. The aisle we were in was very small, claustrophobic, so Rory and I began to wander off. The Doctor began to lead us away, telling us to stay close, but he gets too far ahead and we can't follow his voice. We keep walking, and engage in some basketball-related innuendo.

I blame the specific irl people on having looked at my Facebook homepage the night before, and pretty much the only element of this dream that I couldn't place was the emphasis on basketball.

And I'm writing this down, because that's supposed to help with lucid dreaming. I get lucid dreams sometimes, but I'd like to be able to actually enjoy them, instead of focusing on keeping the dream going, and not moving my body even an inch and waking myself up.

PS: Does anyone know what losing teeth in a dream might symbolise? Cause that's something that seems to pop up every once in a while.
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The award for most random moment of the day goes to the chick who asked me what my favourite Will Ferrell movie was while her boyfriend paid for their tickets. At least she seemed aware that it was a bit odd. I said Step-Brothers, as that was the first one that came to mind. Her bf said he said the same thing. And then they went away.

In other weird work news, the other day was my second ever floor shift. On floor, you have to do theatre checks, basically go into each theatre, make sure the movie's running properly and the theatre is at a comfortable temperature, and that no ones doing anything they shouldn't be. We have Gulliver's Travels right now, so I spent an extra long time checking that one in order to see Catherine Tate, because I'm seriously still in love with Donna forever and ever. More interesting than that, when I went into Love and Other Drugs, what do I see but Anne Hathaway's boobs. Honestly, not what I had expected when I woke up that morning.
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My first rec post ever! Hopefully, I'll be able to make another one that is slightly less Greek myth related.
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