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Yeah, I let my LJ notifications and stuff build up since Monday. It was very very weird to not really go on the internet for practically a week. I think it was because Steven Moffat broke my brain. :/

I watched Jekyll and it was GOOD. It was like CoE, but without the soul-crushing last two episodes. And more awesome. And SOPHIE! I love Leverage! Especially Parker. Good times. And I'm caught up on Supernatural, so that makes, like, 3 things I can now talk about that aren't straight-up Doctor Who (even though I can connect them all to DW in at least 2 ways. It's my skillz).

And I get to go home tomorrow for Reading Week! I think I'm going to force my family to watch the DW Movie. And maybe Leverage. I mean, so far, I've been able to rewatch all aired episodes before the new one airs on Wednesdays. I'm such a nerd...

(That was a bit rambly wasn't it? Yeah... I blame having to work six days in a row this week. Halfway done!)
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Apparently, that road at the end of my street is called "Park Ave."  This seems a bit high class for a gravel road with absolutely no buildings on it. I always thought it was just part of the grid, and thus went unnamed like all the other gravel roads out there.

Also, 15 years I lived in this town, and I'm only finding this out now? Fail.

In other news, I'm starting to watch Torchwood from the beginning. Granted, I had only seen the first like 6 eps before. I plan on getting through both seasons before Children of Earth. It shouldn't be difficult. If it does become difficult, I will slap myself. Especially since I got through each season of Supernatural and Charmed in 2 - 5 days. Also, that will be one less excuse for not going back and watching OldWho.

- DarcyLyn

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Yeah. Wow. Sucks that I hadn't heard of this earlier. But it's still sweet! Only having to choose between Ten and Dean...that's low. Also, in the teen bracket, I have never really watched either of those shows. So random clicking for the win! (actually, it was more that I actually wanted to watch Buffy, and actually really should start now that I have unlimited access to teh interwebz and no actual bedtime that the show is on after. Which sucked, btw.)

You can go and vote here:
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