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A month ago, I had a dream. In this dream, I was in a hotel connected to a Chapters. I went into the Chapters, and they didn't have DWM yet. The next day, when I went to Chapters to see if they had DWM, they did not.

Last night, I had a dream where I went to Chapters, and there were rows of DWM, at least one stack for each cover (yeah, we just got the "Marked for DEATH?" issue). Today, I go to Chapters, and they had DWM! (After much deliberation, I got the Amy cover.) CLEARLY I HAVE DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE RELATED PSYCHIC POWERS.

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Today I had an epic all caps convo on Twitter, in which I learned that polygamy solves everything. (Though River is still mine [ profile] aethre!!)

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So I was on the bus, sitting near the back, reading a magazine with my headphones in. I was the only one there. Then, this guy came on and sat right by me. He was mentally disabled, so my tactic of looking completely absorbed in what I was doing wasn't exactly completely effective. He brought out his stuffed toy duck, who was wrapped in a blanket, and told me that she was in a car accident with him, and the hospital had wrapped her in a blanket and put a neck brace on her, and that the neck brace they put on him in the ambulance had had duckies on it. I did my best to be polite, and pet Gracie when he asked me too, but when we got off at the same stop, I walked away a bit quicker than usual. I have enough trouble ending conversations with people who can pick up on social cues, and I really didn't want to push Gracie around in a cart.

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Seriously, I love this school for one thing. Yesterday, I forgot my wallet in the main eating area for nearly 2 hours, and when I came back to look for it, it was still on the table. I could not have handled going through everything I would have had to in order to get everything back/cancelled/whatever.

In conclusion, here's a Dalek with a bowtie.

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You've probably heard about the earthquake/tsunami stuff going on in Japan (the Internet sure does spread that kind of news quickly). All day my twitter stream has been 90% about Japan. The damage is insane. I'm glad my midterm today was so easy, because half my mind was still focused on Japan.

A little while ago, I donated to ShelterBox as a part of Maureen Johnson's #lastlittleshelterbox campaign. She's started another campaign that you can find more about here. There are a lot of good organisations around that are worth looking at as well.

I just hope everything doesn't turn out totally terrible, and if you know anyone in Japan, I hope they're alright.

ETA: And this is why Twitter beats Facebook. Twitter is awash with concern and ways to help, Facebook is the usual self-centered junk. LJ is nicely in between.

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Nov. 8th, 2010 07:42 am
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I've just connected Big Finish (the DW audio company thing) with Big Idea (the company behind Veggie Tales). Now I'm trying to fit Larry the Cucumber into Zagreus and I think my brain just broke a little. I should probably go to sleep now...

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I went to bed early (10ish) so I could get lots of sleep and wake up to watch Doctor Who. And I was tired. But it's now 4am, and I'm wide awake. 7 hours to go. Fantastic.

I haven't posted about DW here. Maybe because it's still weird for me to be at the same time as fandom, iunno. But I do know it's awesome and I love it more and more. I like River Song more this series, and I effing love ROOORRYY!! (I also love how Amy calls for him) And how ADORABLE Amy/Rory are.

I also like my system of watching it. I watch it by myself on the UK air date, figure out what I think about it, then I get fandom's opinion, then 2-3 weeks later, I watch it on Space and get my family's opinions as "normal" viewers. My mom likes Amy as much as Donna, and has warmed up to Matt. My sister still thinks David was better, but I beat that opinion into her, and I can beat it out again! :p

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