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Here's a bunch of pictures and stuff!

I wound up staying up for the Royal Wedding with my sister and her friend. We each decorated a cake! Mine's the one in the middle. We were trying to get a picture with Will and Kate and the cakes, but there was a hymn and the camera guys were more interested in showing the choir.

Plus, the cakes were starting to slip, so this is the best we got.

I went home for the weekend to vote, and my dog made my life difficult. Especially on the ride home. Where are you supposed to put your feet when the dog flops down right in the middle?

And sitting on the step.

And here's a bunch of lakes fields on the highway home. The flooding's pretty bad, but I think it might've been worse last year? Idk, it's still ridiculous. Fishing season just started, and some lakes aren't allowing boats because the wakes combined with the wind and flooding would add to the destruction of the cabins.

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