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*No major spoilers*

I'm holding off on thinking too hard on the series opener until after part 2, as things will make more sense then. My shipper heart is happy. So I'll tell you about my mom's reactions.

Before the episode started, I told my mom how this series was going to be filled with tortuous cliffhangers, and she threatened to quit watching. She gets annoyed enough when, while the RTD-era stuff was airing on Space, and 90% of two parters were placed over the weekend. I convinced her against it, because this series is going to be awesome (and it's not like there's anything else on during weekends).

While watching The Impossible Astronaut, my mom said she was unimpressed. She had hoped that there would be a new monster.

"Mom, these monsters are brand new."

"They're just Ood!"

"No, mom, they're definitely not Ood! They're brand new, freaking terrifying monsters!"

"Ugh. Ood."

"THEY'RE NOT OOD!" *nerd rages*

She was overall disappointed that it wasn't as exciting as she expected, but I think she's just not a fan of two parters.

Also, I've changed some of my icons! Such a rare event, but I suspect I'll add more before S6 is over.
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