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Huh. I guess my week off is technically over. :( And I had to wear pants every day! Normally during a week off, and what I had hoped for this week was to just chill out, watch TV, think about doing my readings and catching up in class, and basically do nothing. But I worked Monday, and Tuesday I went to Chapters to check for DWM, Wednesday was my sister's birthday, and she stayed and went home Thursday, and I work today and tomorrow. Plus, all week there's been a guy in our apartment putting wood floor in the entryway. It doesn't help that all semester, I've actually been hanging out with people (almost every day, really). While it's been fun, I just need a week to hermit up in my room and not speak for a couple of days. And I didn't get that. I shouldn't be too worried, socialising isn't a terrible thing, it's just that for the past two years (as long as I've been in university), near the middle/end of the year, I get some sort of breakdown. Last year was worse than the year before, and I'm scared that trend will continue. Idk, I'll just veg out on Sunday and hope it's enough.
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The award for most random moment of the day goes to the chick who asked me what my favourite Will Ferrell movie was while her boyfriend paid for their tickets. At least she seemed aware that it was a bit odd. I said Step-Brothers, as that was the first one that came to mind. Her bf said he said the same thing. And then they went away.

In other weird work news, the other day was my second ever floor shift. On floor, you have to do theatre checks, basically go into each theatre, make sure the movie's running properly and the theatre is at a comfortable temperature, and that no ones doing anything they shouldn't be. We have Gulliver's Travels right now, so I spent an extra long time checking that one in order to see Catherine Tate, because I'm seriously still in love with Donna forever and ever. More interesting than that, when I went into Love and Other Drugs, what do I see but Anne Hathaway's boobs. Honestly, not what I had expected when I woke up that morning.
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That's right, I've just sent out the Christmas cards! If you still want one though, and are in the US or Canada, there's apparently still time (until Dec 13 for US, Dec 16 for Can). Just leave your address at the post here and I'll send one off. They have glitter! And gel pen writing! Not in orange or yellow, cuz that'd be mean. Remember when gel pens were all the rage? I'm totally bringing that back. Dollarama always has awesome stuff.

You know what's weird? When I'm working in the box office, people sometimes ask me if I've seen whatever movie they're thinking about going to. The answer is usually no. They always act surprised. I don't get it. Yeah, I get free movies, but I don't have the time or inclination to go to every freaking movie. Don't act so shocked when you find out I haven't been to Saw 3D or some chick flick.

Okay, I'm procrastinating just a little. Can you tell I have a ~2000 word essay for English due on Tuesday? And a report for Pop Music due then as well? And a ~3100 word 'blog' for Classics due Thursday? None of which I've started. And I work for ~10 hours tomorrow. And I have to renew my driver's license before the end of the month. This week is gonna be fun.
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I haven't updated in a while, and I'm going to try and do it more now that school's in and I have more time to be bored, but this is something the internet must know!

The crazy thing about this is, we were just talking earlier about how none of us are serious Bieber fans, or Bieber fans of any sort really, but we still all had mild fangirl reactions to him. It's just that it's rare enough that celebrities come through the area, even for concerts and stuff, that to see someone, anyone!, was insane. Especially to see them at the damn cheap theatre!
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Yeah, I let my LJ notifications and stuff build up since Monday. It was very very weird to not really go on the internet for practically a week. I think it was because Steven Moffat broke my brain. :/

I watched Jekyll and it was GOOD. It was like CoE, but without the soul-crushing last two episodes. And more awesome. And SOPHIE! I love Leverage! Especially Parker. Good times. And I'm caught up on Supernatural, so that makes, like, 3 things I can now talk about that aren't straight-up Doctor Who (even though I can connect them all to DW in at least 2 ways. It's my skillz).

And I get to go home tomorrow for Reading Week! I think I'm going to force my family to watch the DW Movie. And maybe Leverage. I mean, so far, I've been able to rewatch all aired episodes before the new one airs on Wednesdays. I'm such a nerd...

(That was a bit rambly wasn't it? Yeah... I blame having to work six days in a row this week. Halfway done!)
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Crappy!week is crappy, and not looking to get better...

emoemoemo )

So, I was wondering if any of you lovely people who I stalk, but fail at commenting at, would have any kinda-happy-but-not-ridiculously-annoying tidbits to share?
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Hilo! I realised that I haven't posted in forever, and that is wrong. I've been going a little crazy cause math 103 sucked (so I dropped it), and German sucks (but I can't drop it), and actually having a job while going to school somehow causes me stress. Which doesn't make sense because (1) I don't get stress like, ever, and (2) I basically spend all day online anyhow. It's not like my job cuts into my studying or homework. Maybe it has something to do with the constant interaction with other people. I'm probably way exceeding my socializing quota.

Anyhow, I have a plan for the last bit of lil!Donna, and will write and post those this week, plus I have to write a ficathon entry. Next week, I will find some sort of coherent plot for my NaNo novel. I do not want a repeat of last year. It played out like some cracktastic dream with about 5 John Keates poems thrown in.

But now I am bored, and stole this meme from [personal profile] madly_love! )
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I was just thinking of pulling an all-nighter. I might watch some Torchwood and/or Classic!Who. But if I do that, I'll probably have chips and something to drink. What if I drink all the pop (there's only like 4 cans left)? Especially after just complaining that we're almost out. I guess I could volunteer to go to the Co-op and buy some. $5, whatev. Oh, wait. What if it's closed (being a civic holiday and all)? Well, I could go into the city and buy some. Seems like a waste of a trip though, just for pop. Maybe I could see a movie? I wonder what's playing in the normal theatres? I could go see Star Trek at the theatre I work at, but it'll probably be pretty busy, and I think there's only 2 people on at concession then. So, back to the normal theatres. I wonder what's playing. I'll have to pay for my dad too (as he has to drive me), but no snacks! Okay, maybe a large drink. And they have good candy...

Man, I think weird.

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