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A month ago, I had a dream. In this dream, I was in a hotel connected to a Chapters. I went into the Chapters, and they didn't have DWM yet. The next day, when I went to Chapters to see if they had DWM, they did not.

Last night, I had a dream where I went to Chapters, and there were rows of DWM, at least one stack for each cover (yeah, we just got the "Marked for DEATH?" issue). Today, I go to Chapters, and they had DWM! (After much deliberation, I got the Amy cover.) CLEARLY I HAVE DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE RELATED PSYCHIC POWERS.

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*No major spoilers*


Also, I've changed some of my icons! Such a rare event, but I suspect I'll add more before S6 is over.
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Today I had an epic all caps convo on Twitter, in which I learned that polygamy solves everything. (Though River is still mine [ profile] aethre!!)

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This is one of my favourite parts of the fandom year.

It's kind of stressful. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO CHOOSE ONE CHARACTER FROM ALL OF OLD WHO NEW WHO TORCHWOOD AND SARAH JANE? Although, I am happy that currently, 11 is just ahead of 10, who is just ahead of Donna. And Romana I has one more vote than Romana II. BUT NO ONE HAS VOTED FOR HARRY! Poor old chap.
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Oh man, dreams can be so awesome sometimes. I've had dreams that incorporated fandomy things before, but I don't recall ever becoming a character before. It was interesting. It started off at this big gym place, all out of nice wood with bleachers and everything. There was some sort of air band/karaoke/dance-off thing going on. Sarah Stubbe was going to be part of a band thing, and I was going to sing. Most people were cosplaying as Amy or Rory. Sarah was as FaS/ToA Amy, and I was dressed as Utah!Amy, but my shirt was light blue instead of red, and my hair - ginger - was done in braids, the same as Phoebe in Charmed 2x01, which I had watched last night. I was worried about having to sing, but Sarah was reassuring me, and then, for some reason, I went and crashed this dance routine that was going on. It was a group led by Nicole McKim, and they were all dressed in black, performing some kind of ballet-esque dance. I wove around them, and wasn't really in the way, but Nicole seemed pissed. When it was over, I went back to Sarah, embarrassed, not for myself, but that Nicole didn't work around me properly. She said that it was hilarious, everyone thought so. Then there must have been some sort of transition, I think that the shelves from a sporting goods store kind of descended from above. An announcer was talking about their leather shorts on sale. Sometime in this, I became Amy. Confused about the leather shorts, I assumed it meant spandex shorts. I must have said something to that effect, probably to Rory, cause then the Doctor started rambling about the transition to wearing leather shorts in basketball, and how much of an improvement it was. Naturally, I/Amy tuned out. The aisle we were in was very small, claustrophobic, so Rory and I began to wander off. The Doctor began to lead us away, telling us to stay close, but he gets too far ahead and we can't follow his voice. We keep walking, and engage in some basketball-related innuendo.

I blame the specific irl people on having looked at my Facebook homepage the night before, and pretty much the only element of this dream that I couldn't place was the emphasis on basketball.

And I'm writing this down, because that's supposed to help with lucid dreaming. I get lucid dreams sometimes, but I'd like to be able to actually enjoy them, instead of focusing on keeping the dream going, and not moving my body even an inch and waking myself up.

PS: Does anyone know what losing teeth in a dream might symbolise? Cause that's something that seems to pop up every once in a while.
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My first rec post ever! Hopefully, I'll be able to make another one that is slightly less Greek myth related.
The Odyssey, Jekyll, and Greek and Roman Mythology recs )
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Hello awesome writer-person! This is my first Yuletide, and, therefore, my first Yuletide letter. If you feel like stalking me, I am grlgoddess pretty much everywhere on the internet. My fics are all listed here, and I have some fics memmed here and faved here.
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Icon meme!!

Nov. 5th, 2010 01:13 am
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DO YOUR ICONS MAKE A STATEMENT: I think so... Of what, though, is a completely other question.
AND THE SECOND MOST: Not counting DW spinoffs? Leverage.
ARE THEY ANY GOOD: They can be dece.
ANIMATED ICONS ARE: Good for some things, but not as a constant.

Coding can be found here

Oh wow. This meme taught me that:
1) I need to switch out some icons! New new new stuff!
2) I actually still like the icons I made and uploaded.
3) I need more textless icons (or not, idk).
4) I need more fandomly diverse icons (more Leverage! Merlin!! HP! Supernatural! AVPM/S!! etc).
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What a weird week. I finally got around to seeing a therapist, which was alright, and I won some free stuff at Gold's Gym, so I got an assessment there today and got some free time with a personal trainer. Which is completely baffling to anyone that knows me. Athleticism what?

In one of my classes, the big assignment for the semester is to make a pop song. Which sounds cool in theory, but is not so great for us non-music students. Luckily, I'm in a group with my friend, who is a composition major, and one of her friends, who is a computer science major focusing on music stuff, and another guy who isn't in music. You have no idea what a relief that is. I mean, I can probably write some lyrics pretty easily, but the whole music aspect is beyond me. And I believe I am now obligated to link to my friend's music. She has skills, but I can't listen to her music because it personally weirds me out.

So I watched series 1 of Merlin, and it was awesome, and I may post reviews up later. Also, maybe make some icons. As soon as I thought to look up the screencapping keyboard shortcut in VLC, I may have gone a bit overboard. There's just so much pretty! I'm actually a bit frightened to look in that folder and see how many pics I saved.

In that vein, does anyone know of a good place to dl series 2?
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I haven't updated in a while, and I'm going to try and do it more now that school's in and I have more time to be bored, but this is something the internet must know!

The crazy thing about this is, we were just talking earlier about how none of us are serious Bieber fans, or Bieber fans of any sort really, but we still all had mild fangirl reactions to him. It's just that it's rare enough that celebrities come through the area, even for concerts and stuff, that to see someone, anyone!, was insane. Especially to see them at the damn cheap theatre!
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Reply to this post, and I will tell you my favorite icon of yours. Then post this to your own journal using your own favorite icon.

and it's Totally Awesome! )
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I went to bed early (10ish) so I could get lots of sleep and wake up to watch Doctor Who. And I was tired. But it's now 4am, and I'm wide awake. 7 hours to go. Fantastic.

I haven't posted about DW here. Maybe because it's still weird for me to be at the same time as fandom, iunno. But I do know it's awesome and I love it more and more. I like River Song more this series, and I effing love ROOORRYY!! (I also love how Amy calls for him) And how ADORABLE Amy/Rory are.

I also like my system of watching it. I watch it by myself on the UK air date, figure out what I think about it, then I get fandom's opinion, then 2-3 weeks later, I watch it on Space and get my family's opinions as "normal" viewers. My mom likes Amy as much as Donna, and has warmed up to Matt. My sister still thinks David was better, but I beat that opinion into her, and I can beat it out again! :p

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Yeah, I let my LJ notifications and stuff build up since Monday. It was very very weird to not really go on the internet for practically a week. I think it was because Steven Moffat broke my brain. :/

I watched Jekyll and it was GOOD. It was like CoE, but without the soul-crushing last two episodes. And more awesome. And SOPHIE! I love Leverage! Especially Parker. Good times. And I'm caught up on Supernatural, so that makes, like, 3 things I can now talk about that aren't straight-up Doctor Who (even though I can connect them all to DW in at least 2 ways. It's my skillz).

And I get to go home tomorrow for Reading Week! I think I'm going to force my family to watch the DW Movie. And maybe Leverage. I mean, so far, I've been able to rewatch all aired episodes before the new one airs on Wednesdays. I'm such a nerd...

(That was a bit rambly wasn't it? Yeah... I blame having to work six days in a row this week. Halfway done!)

Mail time!

Jun. 5th, 2009 01:16 am
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Today, I got in the mail my sonic screwdriver and sonic pen! I was very stoked.

My one sister was also delighted, but I wouldn't let her near them (if my stuff gets broken, it's usually her fault).

My other sister basically rolled her eyes at me for being a nerd (whatever miss SRC first vice-president).

And my mom, well, she thought it would be an actual screwdriver. One that, you know, drove screws. She resolved to pay more attention to what I buy online. I am left wondering, who buys screwdrivers online?

 - DarcyLyn

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K, so, last week, I had some pretty weird/awesomesauce dreams. The first one was a crossover between Charmed and CSI. Now, the Charmed part makes sense, as I have been watching it pretty much constantly for the past couple of months or so, but it's the CSI part that weirds me out. I distinctly remember Grissom scrying. It's oddly paradoxical to mesh together a show that is completely scientifical and logic-based with one that is so far from science it's ridiculous. The next day, I had another crossover dream. It was mostly Charmed based, except instead of Paige, there was Bree from Desperate Housewives.That one really threw me for a loop. But whatever. They were interesting at least. Unfortunately, just as I was beginning to look forward to these installments, I pulled an all-nighter, drank a Red Bull, and had a really crappy sleep. Buh-bye awesome dreams of awesome! Yeah. Disappointing to say the least.

As of midnight, April Fools Day has begun. Long known by the Ancient Norse as a holy day by which they would worship Loki, the trickster god, by throwing long scraps of cloth over their neighbors' homes or placing miscellaneous goop on frequently touched tools. K, so I made that bit up. But it is still an awesome holiday. The day has scarcely begun, and already I have aided in no less than 4 pranks. Pretty Freaking Epic.

But it is late, and I probably ought to go to bed.



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Yeah. Wow. Sucks that I hadn't heard of this earlier. But it's still sweet! Only having to choose between Ten and Dean...that's low. Also, in the teen bracket, I have never really watched either of those shows. So random clicking for the win! (actually, it was more that I actually wanted to watch Buffy, and actually really should start now that I have unlimited access to teh interwebz and no actual bedtime that the show is on after. Which sucked, btw.)

You can go and vote here:
Clicky to Vote!!

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