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*No major spoilers*


Also, I've changed some of my icons! Such a rare event, but I suspect I'll add more before S6 is over.
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Huh. I guess my week off is technically over. :( And I had to wear pants every day! Normally during a week off, and what I had hoped for this week was to just chill out, watch TV, think about doing my readings and catching up in class, and basically do nothing. But I worked Monday, and Tuesday I went to Chapters to check for DWM, Wednesday was my sister's birthday, and she stayed and went home Thursday, and I work today and tomorrow. Plus, all week there's been a guy in our apartment putting wood floor in the entryway. It doesn't help that all semester, I've actually been hanging out with people (almost every day, really). While it's been fun, I just need a week to hermit up in my room and not speak for a couple of days. And I didn't get that. I shouldn't be too worried, socialising isn't a terrible thing, it's just that for the past two years (as long as I've been in university), near the middle/end of the year, I get some sort of breakdown. Last year was worse than the year before, and I'm scared that trend will continue. Idk, I'll just veg out on Sunday and hope it's enough.
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I went to bed early (10ish) so I could get lots of sleep and wake up to watch Doctor Who. And I was tired. But it's now 4am, and I'm wide awake. 7 hours to go. Fantastic.

I haven't posted about DW here. Maybe because it's still weird for me to be at the same time as fandom, iunno. But I do know it's awesome and I love it more and more. I like River Song more this series, and I effing love ROOORRYY!! (I also love how Amy calls for him) And how ADORABLE Amy/Rory are.

I also like my system of watching it. I watch it by myself on the UK air date, figure out what I think about it, then I get fandom's opinion, then 2-3 weeks later, I watch it on Space and get my family's opinions as "normal" viewers. My mom likes Amy as much as Donna, and has warmed up to Matt. My sister still thinks David was better, but I beat that opinion into her, and I can beat it out again! :p

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