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Title: Collided Together (1/?)
Author: grlgoddess
Characters: Eleven, Four, Romana I, River Song
Rating: G
Word Count:1119

Summary: Two TARDISes are drawn to a barren planet at the same time. It really shouldn't be possible, Romana protests, and River realises Romana still has a lot to learn. The Doctors get along far too well, but will they ever get to have their picnic?

Disclaimer: According to the rules of Doctor Who canon this totally happened. Totally.

AN/Warnings: Written for the [ profile] eleven_romana ficathon.

Takes place in an unknown point in River's timeline, post S5 for Eleven, mid Key to Time season for Four and Romana, as well as pre-S4E4&5 (Which isn't as complicated as it sounds, promise). Excessive epithets due to multi-Doctorness, but I've tried to keep it as simple as possible.

In the distance, they could see something familiar, a tall oblong box that stood out in the natural landscape... )

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