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Birthdate:Nov 23
I am crazy and random and usually bored out of my mind. Hence, the obsessions: Harry Potter, Twilight (yes, I like it, and no, I don't care if you think it's crap. Edward and Bella are not 'teh awsum', but Alice and Jasper are pretty sweet.), Doctor Who, random other shows, books and movies.

I really have no idea what I'm doing, in anything that's going on, but I have decided to just roll with it and hope things will somehow end up halfway decent.

I read quite a bit of fanfic, far more than I ever comment on. Sometimes, I just don't feel like having that tab open for a half-an-hour or so before I think of something original(ish) to say.

I write some fanfic, and am trying to limit the amount of cracktasticness in them. When I started writing HP fanfic, I only started on one serious fanfic (a Lily/James Marauder era fic intending to chronicle their school years). I think I got about 3 or 4 handwritten pages with conflicting ideas on where to begin. Good, fun crack is always easier.

I am starting to make icons using GIMP, and intend to post them as soon as they get less newbie failtastic. Till then, I'm content to keep them to myself.

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