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Cause trying to wade through pages of a tag can get annoying. (not that I have that much yet, but once I do, there's no way I'll be able to commit to this sort of thing)

Doctor Who

Sunny-Time Rainbow Jail - prompt: Picture, 1074 words
     Donna and the Doctor are arrested on a totally backwards planet.

Magically Delicious - prompt: Charm, 208 words
      The Doctor is going crazy. He's halfway to being Cuckoo for Coco Puffs!

Just a Necklace
- prompt: Green; ficverse, 167 words
      The Doctor has a gift for Donna. But when is a necklace just a necklace?

Something Different
- prompt: Green; ficverse, 114 words
      After Midnight, Donna starts to realise something.

Once in a Purple Moon
- ficverse, 241 words, poem-like
      Donna and the Doctor try to get the courage to tell each other how they feel.

A Night in the TARDIS
- prompt: Confession, 164 words
      The Doctor has a confession to make after he and Donna have raided the TARDIS' liquor cabinet.

Time Lord in the Backstreet
- prompt: Reckless, 148 + 39 words
      Donna's singing severely irks the Doctor.

Days that Last Forever
- prompt: the longest day; ficverse, 773 words
      A few days in the Doctor's life and Donna's that seem to last longer than the rest.

Twisted Style - prompt: Twisted, 400 words
      The Doctor sees something truly horrific, and must try to hold up his pride and will against those of Donna Noble. Suffice it to say, things don't look good for him.

Unknown - prompt: White, 200 words
      Some things the Doctor doesn't know yet, and doesn't need to.

Companions - prompt: Lost, 680 words
      As the Doctor loses Rose again, and Donna as well, he thinks on his recent companions, and all they are to him.

The Lost Girl - prompt: Watching, lil!Donna, 246 words
      At a rave in an old warehouse, the Doctor finds Donna in trouble.

Arthur - prompt: Soft, 194 words
      Donna runs into Arthur.

Welcome to the Tardis - prompt: Touch, lil!Donna, 242 words
      The Doctor takes Donna back to the TARDIS, but looking after her won't be as easy as he thought.

Toasters and Teddy Bears - prompt: Addiction, lil!Donna, 517 words
      Learning more about what happened to Donna, she and the Doctor bond conversing over old junk.

Playtime - lil!Donna, 134
      Little Donna is bored of the TARDIS, and wants the Doctor to play with her.

Thoughts - prompt: Beach, 213 words
      Just a relaxing evening on the beach for the Doctor and Donna.

More Precious than Dirt
- prompt: Perfect, 445 words
      The Doctor and Donna stop on a backwards planet, where dirt is more valuable than gold.

Dreaming - prompt: Edge, 194 words
      The DoctorDonna is lying between dreams and wakefulness.

Return - prompt: Uniform, lil!Donna, 244 words
      The Doctor returns to the warehouse, to find out what happened to Donna.

She's Back - prompt: Denial, lil!Donna, 182 words
      The Doctor finds more Donna than he bargained for.

Who're You? - prompt: Sleep, lil!Donna, 366 words
      The Doctor and Donna join the younger Donna in the TARDIS.

A Round Machine Thing - prompt: Baby, lil!Donna, 362 words
      Lil!Donna knows more than she was letting on.

Falling Down - prompt: Claustrophobia, 213 words
      The Doctor and Donna land at a city about to collapse.

Hello Lady - lil!Donna, 410 words
      The Doctor confronts the cause of all this nonsense.

The Tech and the Thief - 1662 words
      Tosh is sent to recover an artifact, but Lady Christina de Souza is after it as well.

New&Old - 285 words
      The Doctor begins to recover, immediately after his regeneration.

Had My Run - 277 words
      In a dark dungeon, Donna has her doubts.

Almost a Fairy Tale - 1039 words
      Young Amelia and Rory go too far into the woods, and find something unnatural.

Collided Together (1/?) - 1119 words
      Four, Eleven, River, and Romana all on the same planet at the same time. Madness.

The First - 100 words
     The first time River meets the Doctor.

The Last - 100 words
     The last time River meets the Doctor.

One Hundred Percent Donna - lil!Donna, 845 words
     The finale for lil!Donna.

My old stuff from ~2006, previously posted on

Naraku's Unworthy End - definite crackfic (orig)

Super Hyper Crossove
r - the crackiest thing I have ever read. But awesome. (orig)


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