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A month ago, I had a dream. In this dream, I was in a hotel connected to a Chapters. I went into the Chapters, and they didn't have DWM yet. The next day, when I went to Chapters to see if they had DWM, they did not.

Last night, I had a dream where I went to Chapters, and there were rows of DWM, at least one stack for each cover (yeah, we just got the "Marked for DEATH?" issue). Today, I go to Chapters, and they had DWM! (After much deliberation, I got the Amy cover.) CLEARLY I HAVE DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE RELATED PSYCHIC POWERS.

Also, I had a dream where there was some awards show or something in my high school gym. As Karen Gillan was walking across the stage, and later walking to her seat, I tried to take a picture of her (she was wearing something similar to the dress from the NYC screening thus year), but I couldn't manage it cause my camera app was taking forever to load and I was trying to update Twitter as well. [ profile] sharkshark and [ profile] the_willows were sitting with me, and recognised that Matt Smith was sitting in front of us by his hair. He was sitting next to Benedict Cumberbatch, and I frantically updated Twitter to say that they were sitting four rows in front of us. We started talking to them, and I talked to BC about mental disabilities. They were both really awesome bros, and I think I really ought to finally watch Sherlock.

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