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My first rec post ever! Hopefully, I'll be able to make another one that is slightly less Greek myth related.

Homer - works
Unstitching By Firelight My gift! <3 A lovely look at Penelope, through various snippets in time and I just cant get over how amazing it is!

Greek and Roman Mythology
she is a metaphor of herself Another gift! <3 An awesome haiku about Persephone.

Take And another! <3 OMG an awesome Claire post-series fic. Just read it.

Greek and Roman Mythology
Young Agamemnon Sees It Through An adventure, where Agamemnon and Menelaus meet up with Clytemnestra to rescue Helen from Theseus. Very well researched, and could easily fit in with the original myths.

Five Futures Kassandra Saw, and One that She Could Not Poor Kassandra. This fic has her befriending Andromache when she arrives in Troy, through to meeting Klytemnestra. A wonderful character study.

chicks before dicks has never really been our motto A sorority AU that is just fun.

Rarely Pure & Never Simple A lovely night shared between Helenus and Neoptolemus, with just a hint of overlying ominousness.

κάλλος τε καὶ ὕπνος-- Beauty and Sleep A haunting look inside Helen's head, filtered through a Sleeping Beauty lens.

The Fruits of Hades Starting off at Persephone's first night in the Underworld, this fic wonderfully shows the gradually strengthening relationship between Persephone and Hades as she falls for him.

Here Thy Hands Let Fall the Gather'd Flower Persephone is a delight, and this fic has Hades slowly falling for her.

Gorgoneia An eerie tale of the Gorgon sisters, once gods in their own right, and how they're haunted by their past.

Moirai Hera and Athena team up and are awesome.

And so what if I recced every non-madness Greek mythology fic? They're all that awesome, and I haven't gone through madness yet.
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