Jan. 30th, 2011

grlgoddess: (DW - Four&Romana - crazy random happenst)
Oh man, dreams can be so awesome sometimes. I've had dreams that incorporated fandomy things before, but I don't recall ever becoming a character before. It was interesting. It started off at this big gym place, all out of nice wood with bleachers and everything. There was some sort of air band/karaoke/dance-off thing going on. Sarah Stubbe was going to be part of a band thing, and I was going to sing. Most people were cosplaying as Amy or Rory. Sarah was as FaS/ToA Amy, and I was dressed as Utah!Amy, but my shirt was light blue instead of red, and my hair - ginger - was done in braids, the same as Phoebe in Charmed 2x01, which I had watched last night. I was worried about having to sing, but Sarah was reassuring me, and then, for some reason, I went and crashed this dance routine that was going on. It was a group led by Nicole McKim, and they were all dressed in black, performing some kind of ballet-esque dance. I wove around them, and wasn't really in the way, but Nicole seemed pissed. When it was over, I went back to Sarah, embarrassed, not for myself, but that Nicole didn't work around me properly. She said that it was hilarious, everyone thought so. Then there must have been some sort of transition, I think that the shelves from a sporting goods store kind of descended from above. An announcer was talking about their leather shorts on sale. Sometime in this, I became Amy. Confused about the leather shorts, I assumed it meant spandex shorts. I must have said something to that effect, probably to Rory, cause then the Doctor started rambling about the transition to wearing leather shorts in basketball, and how much of an improvement it was. Naturally, I/Amy tuned out. The aisle we were in was very small, claustrophobic, so Rory and I began to wander off. The Doctor began to lead us away, telling us to stay close, but he gets too far ahead and we can't follow his voice. We keep walking, and engage in some basketball-related innuendo.

I blame the specific irl people on having looked at my Facebook homepage the night before, and pretty much the only element of this dream that I couldn't place was the emphasis on basketball.

And I'm writing this down, because that's supposed to help with lucid dreaming. I get lucid dreams sometimes, but I'd like to be able to actually enjoy them, instead of focusing on keeping the dream going, and not moving my body even an inch and waking myself up.

PS: Does anyone know what losing teeth in a dream might symbolise? Cause that's something that seems to pop up every once in a while.

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